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CGC Comics Weekend Treasure Hunt - Limited to 60 | 2.23.2024

CGC Comics Weekend Treasure Hunt - Limited to 60 | 2.23.2024

🏴‍☠️ Guaranteed 1x CGC 9.8 & 4x Rare Variants

👑 8 boxes will find a CGC 9.9 or 10

⚜️Limited to only 60 boxes

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Stock Remaining: 1/60

Elevate your comic collecting experience with our "CGC Comics Weekend Treasure Hunt" mystery box, a specially curated adventure that spans the entire weekend. This exclusive offering amplifies the excitement of the daily hunts with a bigger cache of treasures waiting to be discovered. With a total of 60 boxes available for the hunt, this weekend event is packed with even more chances to find rare and highly coveted comics.

Box Highlights:

  • One Guaranteed CGC 9.8 Comic: Each mystery box is a winner right from the start, featuring at least one comic graded at an impeccable CGC 9.8.
  • Four Rare Variants from Around the World: Dive into a selection of four rare variant comics, chosen from a vast array of global sources. These variants offer unique stories and breathtaking cover art, making each box a journey through the diverse universe of comics.
  • Eight Big Prizes: The Weekend Treasure Hunt ups the stakes with not one, but eight major prizes waiting to be found:
    • 2x CGC 10 Comics: The pinnacle of comic grading, these perfect 10s are the ultimate find for any collector.
    • 6x CGC 9.9 Comics: Exceptionally rare and highly sought after, these CGC 9.9 comics are treasures that any enthusiast would be proud to own.

Why Join the "CGC Comics Weekend Treasure Hunt"?

  • Increased Chances: With 60 boxes available and 8 big prizes, your odds of striking comic gold are better than ever.
  • Exclusive Selection: Each box is filled with carefully selected comics that showcase the best in storytelling and art from around the world.
  • The Thrill of the Hunt: The excitement of discovery is magnified in this weekend-long event, offering a more extended adventure and the anticipation of unearthing one of the big prizes.

Limited Availability: The "CGC Comics Weekend Treasure Hunt" is a limited-time event, with only 60 boxes available for the hunt. This exclusive weekend adventure offers a unique opportunity to enhance your collection with rare and valuable comics, including the chance to claim a coveted CGC 10 or 9.9 grade comic.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary comic collecting experience. Secure your "CGC Comics Weekend Treasure Hunt" mystery box today and join the quest for comic book treasures. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, this weekend hunt promises excitement, discovery, and the potential for rare finds that will be the jewels of your collection.

⭐️ Our Guarantee

Raw Comics: We will do our best to send you the best possible condition on raw comic books. You can expect your book to be at least a 9.4 or better. Every comic book is stored and shipped in a high quality comic bag and backing board to ensure the maximum possible protection.

CGC Comics: We ship every CGC graded comic bubble wrapped inside a 200lb tested, corrugated shipping box. While we do our best to pack them safely, sometimes damages do occur in transit. If your CGC comic is damaged in transit, please reach out to our support and we will handle it on a case-by-case basis. Due to the materials used to produce CGC slabs, we will not offer refunds for slabs that arrive with "Newton Rings".

📆 Preorder Information

The release date is stated in the product description. Books may take up to 3-4 weeks after release date to ship. Release dates subject to change without notice due to unforeseen circumstances, including: delayed shipping from our distributors, or delays due to necessary reprints (ex: damages, misprints). We do not guarantee release dates set by publishers.

If you order contains multiple comics, your order will be shipped once ALL the comics in your order arrive to our shipping facility.

Due to the nature of preorders, cancellations will NOT be accepted.

Final artwork on preordered comic books is subject to change without notice.

Signed, graded or limited edition items usually have later release dates than the initial release. Title may state the release date of the unsigned/non limited item.

🚨 IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING CGC PREORDERS: Please be aware that we will ship all raw comics to CGC for grading as soon as they arrive at our warehouse. Given the nature of grading, it is unpredictable when we can expect comics to return to us from CGC. On average, it has taken 60-90 days to get graded comics back from CGC. However, we have experienced times when it takes much longer. By preordering this product, you agree that you have read and understand the above.

✈️ Shipping Information

Please see the corresponding release dates for preorder ship dates.

We ship every order of raw comics using Gemini Comic Mailers.

CGC-graded comics are carefully packed using bubble wrap and corrugated shipping boxes.

Original Art is shipped in specialized art mailers.

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