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Black Packs of Mystery: Limited Edition | 6.20.2024

Black Packs of Mystery: Limited Edition | 6.20.2024

Introducing our brand-new Black Packs of Mystery: Limited Edition. A fun way to collect amazing exclusive variants, with a great chance at winning epic prizes. Each pack comes with 4-6 exclusive comics, but with a twist!

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Here's everything you need to know:

What's inside these packs?

4-6 exclusive comics with a floor retail value of $80-$300.

Are there any chases/ prizes?

Yes! 1 in 10 packs will also include a CGC 9.8+ graded comic worth $80-$300+ ON TOP of your pack. But that's not all! There is also a 1 in 5 chance to pull an all virgin/ foil variant pack with a retail value of approximately $200.

How many packs are there?

This round will have just 30 packs available.

When do these packs ship?

These packs will ship as soon as they sell out (typically 2-3 days). We want everyone who orders one to receive it at the same time.

How are they shipped?

All raw packs are carefully packaged inside a Gemini Comic Mailer, and packs that include a slab will be shipped in a heavy-duty corrugated shipping box.

Are these old, junk comics?

Nope! These comics are limited edition exclusive variants and are ALL in near-mint to mint condition. We source our comics from retailers all around the world to ensure a vast variety of covers drawn from the industry's hottest comic artists.

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