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The CGC Comics Double Multiplier Mystery Box: Unlimited Edition

Glen here. If you don't know me, then allow me to quickly introduce myself. I started Antihero Gallery almost 4 years ago in the living room of my studio apartment. But enough about me...
Today, I want to talk about our CGC Comics Double Multiplier Box: Unlimited Edition. You may be asking yourself, what does "Unlimited Edition" imply?
In short, it means that there is no cap on how many of these we sell. Since there's no cap, doesn't that mean the chances of getting a chase prize dwindle?
The answer is: no
We are constantly on the hunt for awesome comics to add to the pool of prizes. Whether it's from auctions or collectors like you, we're always stocking up on exceptional comics to redistribute inside these mystery boxes (BTW if you have some rad CGC comics you'd like to sell to us, please feel free to reach out).
Take a look at just some of the awesome prizes we're sending out:
And that is just the beginning. There are many other chases, including more rare keys, unique collectibles, and CGC 9.9 to 10 graded comics.
As this mystery box grows, so too will the quantity and value of the prizes that we will be sending out.
I hope you enjoy opening your boxes as much as we have enjoyed making them for you. 
Happy Collecting,
Glen B.
Founder, Antihero Gallery
P.S. Don't forget to send us photos and videos of your unboxings! We love seeing them and sharing them everywhere we can. 🖤
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